Property Auctions Scotland

‘Waiting to do the paperwork’. Some (first-time) buyers do not attend to the ‘bumph’ until after they have bid and won. Not so. On the drop of hammer, you’ve ‘changed’ in effect – and that is not way too early to begin looking at that paperwork. This authorized pack – and, be warned, it is not consistently finish (and do not carry on if bits and pieces are lost and guaranteed after) – includes (copies of) title records, contractual provisions and conditions, the home information pack (if appropriate) and other legal papers.

These form the foundation of the sale/purchase. But it is known for documents to be lost. Your solicitor must see this bunch – and carry out any investigations etc relating to documents that are lost – before you continue to offer.

‘Not establishing a maximum bid’. Auctions can be locations that are exciting and a few bidders, driven by a must win, regularly keep going up and up with their bids.

In summary, you have to do if you had been purchasing a property in the regular manner all you had do. It is tempting to create a low maximum bid, assuming that you ‘must’ get a ‘half price’ property and have neglected should youn’t. This strategy can mean you waste a fortune (surveys etc) and lose out on adequate buys. But there needs to be a maximum bid also – above which it is eating into your profits.

‘Attempting to alter the contract’. Some bidders like a property but attempt to query it; always and are not so fantastic on the small print of the deal, and particularly when it comes to repossessed properties the terms and conditions are non-negotiable. Those would be bidders who attempt to haggle before bid will locate out this to no great price. Sadly, some would be bidders find that they’ve a contract they do not need to sign and do not question this until after the hammer has fallen. A good example would be where you are purchasing, say, a leasehold flat where there exists a yearly maintenance fee.

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Nevertheless, it isn’t uncommon, where the lender has repossessed the property in the previous owner a particular condition (check!) May be in place these become the obligation of the buyer. The arrears could run or sometimes even countless amounts of pounds.

‘Altering your mind after’. If you win that bid you might be contractually bound to finish on the end date as seasoned property investors will understand. This typically includes a ‘notice to finish’ you’ll need to finish in and being served, typically five to 10 days, and must pay interest, typically with interest accruing, at 4% above base. In theory, these prices keep escalating until you settle and you also still have Conveyancing Firms Scotland to pay .

In practice, if you’re not unfortunate, the seller resell, coming after you and will keep your 10 per cent down payment. The important thing is that, you have to make certain you’ve got the financing from a lender where you are going to experienced a ‘choice in principle’ in advance or from another source; either in position to finish. Many successful property investors would counsel it is not wise in the present climate to rely entirely on the decision in principle of a lender.