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NCAF Property Auctions

These are fascinating times for someone like me who continues to be involved in property investment for a great number of years and is currently seeing clear-cut forecasting made extremely hard and foreseeable cycles. Giving guidance to anyone professional investors, has evolved into a house-sized Rubric’s Cube, where solutions to issues are – to say the least – a challenge.

The auction side of the business is run by property auctions Scotland – and in London national London property auctions – if you are looking to sell a property quickly or buy investment homes this is a route that can assist you quickly.

This monthly roundup of views and news about what’s occurring is meant to reveal some light as others, on the property world and I see it. With so much going on and with paths and new ways to gain opening up on a regular basis, it looked an excellent thought to keep you clued-up about small snippets of info which may otherwise go unreported.

Auctions are marketed as offering below-market deals. Knowing what you do, and, frequently, they do. But auctions will not be for the na?ve. These are some of the avoidable, and most common, errors.

‘Purchasing Blind’. A surprisingly large number of buyers bid on the foundation of the picture, the auction description plus some online research using Google Maps etc; particularly when it is a low priced property some distance away. Although this can be relatively common practice with new-assemble purchases, it’s not particularly wise with auction properties. Online Property Auctions aren’t, contrary to widespread understanding, high in tidy and neat properties repossessed from overstretched and youthful homeowners.

These flaws make it more difficult to sell these properties in the market that is open. A superb percentage of auction properties are ‘trouble properties’ and have not be seen by a conveyancing firms Glasgow; that is why they’re selling there. Bottom line? You have to see each property of interest personally and use a surveyor (other when compared to a mortgage lender’s) to assess for physical flaws before buy a house at property auctions scotland. You have to use a solicitor at the start to assess the legals.